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Today, I am discussing the wonders of Tagiri extract (Christmas Melon) in preventing and controlling deadly poultry diseases. If we must go organic in raising our poultry, it is important that we put in place those natural defenses that will help protect our flock against deadly poultry diseases. As poultry farmers, before we can say bye bye to the use of antibiotics and other synthetic drugs that often harm humans and raise production costs, we must arm ourselves with a fool prove defense system again all diseases. One of the natural defenses against poultry disease is Tagiri, also known as Christmas Melon.

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Before now, I have always known Tagiri as a popular but mysterious disease deterrent that African parents put around the house to prevent infectious viral diseases from spreading. For instance, when a kid is infected with measles or chicken pox, they place Tagiric ball at strategic positions in the house while treating the infected child. This is done with the belief that Tagiri stops the Measles from spreading. Tagiri is also used in humans in the organic treatment of Prostate Cancer in men.

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Use and Benefits of Tagiri in Poultry

One of the benefits of Tagiri (Christmas Melon) is that it is known to ward off viral diseases in poultry. That is, with Tagiri, diseases like Newcastle Disease, Marek’s Disease, and Infectious Bursal Disease (IBD) can be combated and prevented completely. However, it is important to know how this wonderful bulb can be used effectively without any complications. As with synthetic drugs, caution must be taken in the use of organic fighting agents like Tagiri, as this is the only way to maximize the benefits of organic poultry farming without regrets. But do not worry; everything will be highlighted in this article.

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Benefits of Tagiri (Christmas Melon)

  • Tagiri is used by humans to prevent further spread of viral diseases.
  • It is used in poultry to boost the immunity of chickens and prevent diseases like Newcastle, Gumboro, etc.
  • Tagiri reduces production cost in poultry
  • It can be preserved without the use of refrigerator
  • Local farmers can use this herb as an alternative to vaccines
  • Tagiri plant is harvested for free in most parts of the country, especially in rural areas.

Ingredients Required to Prepare Tagiri Extract

  • Tagiri bulbs (1kg Tagiri for 2 liters of water)
  • Water

Other Materials Required

  • A jar or container with cover
  • Knife (to cut the Tagiri bulbs into pieces)
  • A calibrated container to measure the volume of water to be used
  • A weighing balance to measure the weight of the Tagiri bulbs

Now, let’s go into the process

How to Make Tagiri Extract (Christmas Melon)

  • Get some Tagiri bulbs (Christmas Melon)
  • Peel off the green back
  • Cut the Tagiri into pieces
  • Measure water that is twice the weight of the Tagiri cuts in liters (i.e ratio 1:2)
  • Pour the water into your jar or container
  • Add the Tagiri cuts
  • Cover the jar/container with a breathable mesh and use rubber band to hold it tight
  • Keep in a cool dark room and allow the Tagiri cuts to ferment inside the water for 7 days
  • Do not tamper with the process
  • On day 7, strain the Tagiri water into a bigger container, and then blend the Tagiri cuts and the seeds
  • Add the blended Christmas Melon into the Tagiri liquid that was strained earlier
  • At this stage, you cannot add fresh water
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The Tagiri extract is ready at this stage but we are left with one concern – preservation. You can either choose to cover the jar containing the Tagiri extract and refrigerate or preserve with molasses.

How to Preserve Tagiri with Molasses

Add 1 part molasses to 3 parts Tagiri extract. That is, 1:3. If you have 3 liters of Tagiri extract, you will need to add 1 liter of molasses to preserve it. Note that you do not need to refrigerate after adding molasses to the extract.

Tagiri Preservation (Refrigeration VS Molasses)

While you can skip the use of molasses and preserve your Tagiri extract by refrigeration, it is important to mention that molasses keep the Tagiri extract longer the refrigeration. While it is advisable to use up refrigerated Tagiri extract within 1 month, molasses-preserved extract can stay up to 4 months. The choice of preservation method also depends on the quantity of Tagiri extra you have produced and how long it will take to use it up. In any case, the fresher the Tagiri extract is, the better. So, make sure to produce the quantity you will be able to use up before the extract expires.

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Dosage of Tagiri Extract:

30ml of Tagiri extract to 1 Liter of water

Use of Tagiri and Age of chicken

  • Never use Tagiri extract for pullets and breeders above 14 weeks or layers in production.
  • Tagiri extract is completely safe for birds before 14 weeks
  • Tagiri extract can be given to day-old chicks in the form of vaccine to ward off Newcastle disease, Marek’s disease, etc.
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Tagiri is one of the greatest recent discoveries in organic poultry farming and its power cannot be overemphasized. I hope that you are also able to digest this article and use Tagiri for the benefit of your organic chickens. You will find out how cost-effective organic poultry farming can be with Tagiri when you substitute vaccines for Tagiri extract.

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