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Six Sigma Investment Review – Could this be the best?

six sigma

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First congratulate yourself for finding six sigma investment information on this page. If you are looking for an investment platform that is safe and turns your investment around so quickly, this is it!
Having actively studied the nature of investments, one could tell that most of the investments with high return on investment (ROI) have high risk. You will also be right to say that investments with low ROI usually have low risk. But maybe that was before six sigma come onboard. Because Six Sigma has simply changed the narrative.

What is Six Sigma?

I think it’s important to unveil the bride at this point. Six Sigma is a Forex and Crypto Trading Artificial Intelligence trading company that traded with one of the best robots called Aifa.

Six Sigma takes advantage of the volatility of Forex trading and empowers every trader to master the arts of Forex Trading, Crypto Trading and Robot Trading. As an AI (artificial intelligence) trading powerhouse, the company prides to have spent years building and developing state-of-the-art robots that use machine precision to automate normally tedious trading processes. Obviously, Six Sigma is not a Ponzi Scheme nor is it a P2P platform. It is clearly a legit investment. But is that all you need to know about the company? NO!

How to Join Six Sigma Platform

Interestingly, joining Six Sigma is very easy if you follow these steps. And there is no need for any activation fees. You won’t also get any hidden charges whatsoever. As if that doesn’t sound good enough, you also get to choose from the 9 different ways to earn from Six Sigma. You can even choose to earn from all the nine ways open to you. It all depends on you.

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Why People Are Rushing to Join Six Sigma Investment

Personally, I am aware of the bounty involved in Forex trading. I have a couple of friends who are gurus on the Forex lane. But here is what they say. It is risky to enter into Forex with a guessing mindset. If you think you will just predict based on some rules, and that’s all, then you are not started yet.

The big game players are those who have developed working systems with almost 99% profit assurance. NOW HERE’S THE CATCH. Six Sigma uses one of the world’s smartest AI-based trading robots – AIFA SIX SIGMA to achieved guaranteed success. Because it is almost impossible for individuals to get such a genius bot, it is only wise to join the winning team – Six Sigma. So, in a way, joining Six Sigma means sharing in their success.


BASIC Package – Register Now

Weekly ROI – 2.5%
Business point – 20
Network Limit – 3X
1x daily limit


Weekly ROI – 3%
Business point – 60
Network Limit – 3x
Daily Restriction – 1x

SUPER PACKAGE – Register Now

Weekly ROI – 3.25%
Business Points – 100
Network Limit – 3x
Daily Restriction – 1x


Weekly ROI – 3.5%
Business point – 200
Network Limit – 3.5x
Daily Restriction – 1x


Weekly ROI – 4%
BV – 1000
Network Limit – 4x
Daily Restriction – 1x


Weekly ROI – 4.5%
BV – 4000
Network Limit – 4.5x
Daily Restriction – 1.5x


Weekly ROI – 5.5%
Business Volume – 10,000
Network Limit – 5x
Daily Restriction – 2x

Ways to Earn from Six Sigma

1. ROI


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BASIC ………….. 2.5%
BUILDER …………. 3%
SUPER …………….. 3.25%
EXECUTIVE ……… 3.5%
Executive plus ….. 3.5%
MASTER ………….. 4%
ELITE ………………. 4.5%


50% Business Volume of each package you sign directly to you in Dollars
For example …. 200 B.V executive package … $ 100 will be paid to you as direct commission


….. Pay Every Day
Basic ………… 40%
Builder ……… 50%
Super ……….. 50%
Executive ….. 50%
Executive plus..50%
Sir ………. 50%
Elite ………….. 60%
Ambassador … 70%
Binary commission is different from Direct commission and to receive binary commission you need to
activate your binary by referring two (2) direct references. One (1) on your left foot and one on your right leg.


…. Up to 10th Generation level
Level 1 ……. 5%
Level 2 ……. 2%
Level 3 ……. 1%
Level 4 …….. 0.5%
Level 5 …….. 0.5%
Level 6 ……. 0.5%
Level 7 ……. 0.5%
Level 8 ……. 0.5%
Level 9 ……. 0.5%
Level 10 ….. 0.5%

Royalty commission: is one of the easiest and simplest concepts in the Network Marketing industry. In the Six Sigma Royalty Commission, one can sponsor as many distributors as they like, and they need to put them all on the front lines. This commission is generated from the weekly ROI of direct members. The Six Sigma Royalty Commission is limited to level 10, each level has its own percentage.


1% of the Company’s total revenue

Myriad share is a sharing bonus distributed to users who have more than 10,000 business points in the payout leg.
Every 10,000 points is worth 1 share in other words, if the user has 20,000 business points, he will get 2 shares.

MYRIAD: Shares constitute 1% of total company revenue and are divided equally among relevant shareholders.


There are 4 clubs in the Six Sigma Hall of Fame Bonus. Ranks the top four ranks 1% of company revenue



Escrow is a financial agreement between two parties whereby a third party maintains and arranges the payment of funds for the other party
the two parties involved in the contract. Escrow accounts are very reliable, considering that payments remain secure and are only released when all terms of the agreement are met by both parties involved. The Six Sigma Escrow Service allows users to create promotions in which the user must achieve a specific goal to receive an award (declared by the user who created the promotion).

With this promotion, we are the guarantor. This means that we deduct money from the promotion holder’s account and keep it in the Six Sigma Escrow System until the promotion is over. In this case, the amount will be divided among high achievers. If no one is outstanding, the amount will be returned to the promotion holder. This promotion is only created for users in your binary tree. For example. The user (promotion holder) creates a promotion where users who reach 100 points will receive $ 5 each.

The total amount (number of participating users x $ 5) is deducted from the promotion holder’s user account. Six Sigma maintains the amount until the user reaches 100 points, at which time the user receives $ 5. If no one reaches the promotion goal, the money is returned to the promotion holder’s account.


Bitcoin money
Star coins
Light coins
Sigma wallet

What Do I Need to Register?

The process of registering is easy. Click here now to register

The following information will be requested

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Phone Number
  • Birthday
  • Address
  • Nationality
  • Username
  • Password

If you think you have the above information ready, you can CLICK HERE NOW to sign up with Six Sigma, and start earning on your investment

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