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Why Point of Lay Chickens May Not Lay Eggs


I understand why you may want to start with point of lay chickens or hens as a poultry investor. In fact, who does not want a quick return on their investment? You will also hear different views of people concerning point of lay chickens for sale and raising day-old pullet chicks yourself. As someone who has been in the business for over a decade, I am here to get you informed about reasons why your point of lay chicken may not lay at all, or lay well.

Again, the reasons why people choose to buy point of lay hens include but not limited to the following

point of lay chickens

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Reasons for Choosing Point of Lay Chickens over Day-Old

  • Faster Return on Investment (ROI)
  • No need to have a brooding house
  • It saves time and labor
  • It is easier for newbies who have brooding expertise
  • Lesser medication and vaccination needs
  • You may never have to use that scarce commodity called wood shavings.

But, are these reasons worth leaving the option of rearing your day-old pullet chicks and going for point of lay chickens for sale? That is exactly what I will be addressing right now.

As easy as point of lay hens can make your egg production business, people don’t just say DON’T BUY IT for no reason. As you must know already, the hens you get are your ATM, and if they fail to produce well, it means that your investment has gone down the drain. We don’t want that to happen to you. I know you don’t pray for it either.

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Low productivity, disease outbreak, and overall low turn over are some of the reasons why people advise against buying point of lay chickens. But here are some of the reason your point of lay may not lay

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Why Point of Lay May Not Lay

  • Age: The truth is that there are more untruthful people than there are truthful ones in this country. And this includes folks in the poultry industry. A lot of farmers will tell you they are selling 16 weeks point of lay hens to you. But the truth is the birds are only 13 weeks old. This false ages of the birds will make you start to expect eggs within two to three weeks. If you are not careful, you may even start to serve the birds with feeds like pre-lay diet to prepare them for good production, not knowing that your change of feed will only cause further delay in laying
  • Excess Fat: Because some farmers know that you will most likely want to judge the age of their point of lay hens by their weight, they tend to feed the chickens to reach good weight too early. This leads to build-up of fat and in turn delays egg production.
  • Live Weight: Have you heard that an average point of lay hen should be 1.5KG in weight. Because of poor feeding a lot of pullets don’t even attain 1.5KG in 20 weeks. This also delays both anatomical and physiological growth of the hens and impact egg production negatively.
  • Poor Vaccination and Medication: Because layers live longer in your pen, a lot of vaccinations are required to shield them from common diseases. Not all farmers give their chickens these vaccination. Majority of them may not give up to 80% of the vaccines needed. This careless attitude may cause your point of lay to not lay well.
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Other factors impacting the egg laying potential of point of lay chickens include internal and external parasites.

What’s the Verdict?

I can hear you asking “So, are saying that I should not buy point of lay chickens for sale?” NO, I didn’t say that. If you can get a reliable farmer with quality point of lay hens, then you can proceed.

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