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Where to Buy Day Old Chicks in Nigeria


Looking for where to buy day old chicks without getting into the hands of dubious online fraudsters? I’ll help you without wasting your time or mine. There are things to know about purchasing your chicks so that you can have a good start. YES! The quality of chicks that get to your farm determines your final result. So if you think you want peace of mind in getting your chicks, be it pullets, broilers, noilers or even turkeys, then let me show you something.

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Hatcheries in Nigeria

A hatchery is a place where poultry eggs are incubated and then hatched into young chicks popularly called Day Old Chicks. But wait! Before you think it’s all that simple, I need to tell you that it’s more than just hatching chicks. In order to maintain certain health standards for chicks, hatcheries have to maintain a high level of biosecurity. This includes frequent disinfection of the incubators and the hatchery environment, strict restriction of movement of humans and items, etc. You may want to ask “What if they don’t do all that?” Well, the consequences of not maintaining top-bar biosecurity can be grave. For example, an infection within one incubator can cause over 50% of the eggs not to hatch successfully. Imagine where we have an incubator with capacity of 10,000 eggs. Let’s not spell the doom!

Because of these standards, only a few hatcheries have been able to stand the test of time. That’s supposed to be good news until recently.

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Because a lot of people still believe that the business of producing day-old chicks is all about having incubators, there have been a sharp increase in the number of so called hatcheries. This means that there are successful hatcheries, and the other category. For the sake of this article, I will call the other category the backyard hatchery.

Day-Old Chicks Vendors

Certain criteria has to be met before individuals can get chicks directly from the hatchery, so vendors are the go-to for most farmers. Vendors are individuals and companies who have opened an account with different hatcheries to be able to buy chicks and resell to farmers.

There’s a lot to say about day old chicks vendors but most importantly, it is good to deal with trusted vendors.

How to Identify Scammers Among Vendors

As funny as it may sound, someone asked me on my chicks booking group if they can identify a scammer. After taking some time to ponder, I came up with these traits that will help you identify a scammer.

  • A scammer will tail you – They will remind you about payment 50 times in a minute (exaggeration)
  • A scammer is not interested in building business relationship. They are only concerned about sales
  • Most scammers have nothing else to offer.
  • Scammers talk too much when having a conversation with them.

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Where to Buy Day Old Chicks with Peace of Mind

Okay, peace of mind it is!
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