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How Long to Soft Boil an Egg and Get What You Want

how long to soft boil an egg

The question of how to boil an egg doesn’t come because you don’t know that you need to put your egg in broiling water. Instead, you ask this question when you want a specific outcome. When you need details such as how long to soft boil an egg or hard boil an egg. This post will show you all that as well as some tips and tricks for boiling an egg just the way you want it.

Basically, some people prefer to have their eggs soft boiled. That way, the egg yolk retains a wonderful texture and a very bright yellow coloration. However, others like it hard boiled, with focus of getting the egg white firm. All these outcomes are possible depending on how you approach the boiling. So, let’s quickly see how to get the result that you want.

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How Long To Soft Boil an Egg

Even though how long to soft boil an egg still depends on how soft you want the egg to be, I will share with you what I do when I want to soft boil an egg. When your desired outcome is an egg with a runny center, you should boil for five to six minutes. However, you must ensure that the water is already boiling before you add your fresh eggs. Also, the eggs must be fully submerged in the boiling water to ensure uniformity. That’s how long to soft boil an egg.

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Because the egg described above is softly boiled, you will have to be careful peeling the shell. You can allow it to stay in cool water for a minute before peeling the shell. Another trick is to peel your eggs under running water, usually a kitchen tap.

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Easy Peel Hard Boiled Eggs

Now, to hard boil an egg for an easy peel, you will need to boil for eight to 11 minutes. Anything after 11 minutes is unnecessary because at that time, both the egg white and yolk are already firm. To get your easy peel hard boiled eggs, you just need to follow these steps. Gently add your fresh eggs to already boiling water. Set your timer and stop boiling after 8-11 minutes depending on how hard you want the eggs. That’s how to get your easy peel hard boiled eggs.

Again, you will only get a uniform boil if all eggs are fully submerged in the water.

How About Adding a Pinch of Salt

You must have had about adding a pinch of salt to your boiling water. But the question is, why should you? Adding a pinch of salt will make your boiling water hotter and also prevent the egg shell from crack. So, you might want to add a pinch to your next boil. As per quantity of salt, this depends on the volume of water and the number of eggs. But a pinch or two is appropriate for boiling an egg.

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