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Do This If Your Dog Hates a Dog Bath

dog bath

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Dog bath can be done completely hassle-free, and it doesn’t have to be a time when you exercise dominance inappropriately. I have encountered quite a number of dogs during their bath and I can tell that some dog owners are bound to have trouble giving their dog a bath. Every time I see a dog that doesn’t appear to like a bath, there is one thing I always do, and it has worked 10 out of 10 times. I will be sharing this tip in this article, but first, let me show you one important fact about all dogs. Notice I did not mention a particular breed of dog but I said all dogs. What you are about to find out will help you irrespective of the breed of dog you have.

Bonding is key

In case you wonder why bonding with your dog is important to give your dog a bath, hang on and you’ll find out shortly. Most dog owners who enjoy the company of their dogs will tell you that it didn’t come without a sacrifice. A lot of people fail to understand that a dog is not a toy. You don’t just play with a dog and abandon it afterwards. Dogs are supposed to be a part of the family; loved and catered for in ways that even your dog will understand. Create time to walk your dog, and don’t always refuse your dog’s welcome greetings. It is understandable that sometimes, you don’t want your dog to mess things up, but don’t ever think it’s okay to always say no. One fantastic truth about dogs is that they cannot resist love when communicated properly.

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Turning bath time to fun time

If your dog is the type that upon finding out that it’s time to get a bath, it begins to withdraw, this will change soon. I am about to share a secret that your dog will not be able to resist. Whether your dog is the type that just doesn’t like the feel of water on its fur or it’s just too playful to keep calm during a bath, this is going to work for any dog.

I did mention earlier that dogs love attention and affection. One thing we often forget while giving a dog a bath is that we fail to give them what they want – affection. You might ask. “Isn’t it because I love my dog that I want it to have a bath?” Well, it’s easy for me to agree to that but the sad thing is that your dog doesn’t know it.

Many dog owners would prefer not to get wet when giving their dog a bath. While this might work well for a dog that doesn’t freak out during bath times, it will not work for those with hydrophobia (fear of water).

Here’s what to do for easy dog bath

When you want to bathe your dog, allow your dog’s body to lean on your legs. This makes your dog feel at home and loved. The trick is that it will begin to cherish your affection so much that it forgets about the water. This is a very simple trick that will work anytime and for any dog breed.

Of course, you may not always have to do this – getting wet while bathing your dog. As a matter of fact, you won’t need it once your dog gets used to having a bath. But for young dogs and those who have not adapted to having a water bath, you may need to apply this trick to avoid any unnecessary stress.

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Another thing you can do is to have your dog chained with a short leash. It will help you keep the dog in range. Otherwise, show your dog some love and get wet together.

After the dog bath

In case you don’t know, the things that you do after the bath and in-between baths also matter. After drying your dog’s body, take some time to pet your dog. Using your hand, apply gentle stokes on your dog’s head, back, belly, and groom appropriately. It’s a good practice to give your dog a treat after a bath. That way, it is reminded that a treat will always come after a bath. Your dog might just be willing to have the next bath because of the reward it hopes to get afterward.

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