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Effective Tick Treatment for Dogs


It took me a long time to discover what I am sharing now, and I am 100 percent sure that you will thank me after reading this piece. When it comes to getting an effective tick treatment, you can either decide to spend a lot of money to buy some forms of hard chemicals which will effectively remove ticks from your dog’s body and even keep your dog tick-free for days but turns out to have adverse effects on your dog’s health, or you may open your mind and discover how to get the same result without hurting your dog or subjecting it to 2-3 days of  central nervous system depression or chemical-induced sluggishness (you can find a better terminology for that).

When I found out that it doesn’t cost much to keep ecto-parasites off my kennel, I bit myself for not discovering the life saving trick earlier. To add to the odds of using hard chemicals, some dog owners have lost their dogs due to their dog getting in contact with high concentrations of those chemicals.

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Here’s what I found: 

The common active ingredients for treating ticks and fleas infestation are Pyrethrins (plant extract), Pyrethroids (which are synthetic compounds like Permethrin, Phenothrin, Etofenprox), and Amitraz.

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Here’s what I go for:

There are several bath soaps (in bar form) that are effective for killing ticks and fleas on dogs, especially those containing Pyrethroids. So, I choose to use those. However, there is a very important thing to note about using bar soaps for killing ticks and fleas. I used to think they were not active after the first use but then, I found that I was wrong.

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What To Note About Bar Soaps Like GNV:

The trick is to cut out a small size of the soap that will be suitable for one bath or two. You can then store what’s left to ensure that it is still active at subsequent usage. This is because once exposed to air and sunlight for a day or two, Pyrethroids and Pyrethrins get degraded. which makes it useless after the first use.

For liquid soaps and shampoos, don’t forget to keep away from direct sunlight once you get one that is active, as that is the way to keep it active.

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