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WHO WhatsApp Bot for Coronavirus – Most Reliable Source

COVID-19 updates

What is WHO WhatsApp bot for coronavirus? Just recently, the World Health Organization (WHO) has launched a whatsapp chatbot to search as an information resource center for the coronavirus updates. As the pandemic has become a global health issue and a threat for that matter, everyone needs to be guided. Also following the persisting challenge are tons of false information about the virus and its spread. Hence, the decision by the WHO to bring trusted information to the palm of everyone. The WHO WhatsApp Bot brings all the information and updates you have always wanted to know about the COVID-19.

What WHO WhatsApp Bot for Coronavirus Does

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Undoubtedly, as the outbreak remains uncontrolled, people have been asking series of question. Most of the questions come from the various myths and facts they have been hearing about the strange virus. Now, from the very heart of the incidence in the various countries it has spread, WHO brings you the facts. WHO WhatsApp bot for coronavirus is your window to the right information about COVID-19.

Here’s what we found when we joined the WHO WhatsApp. You immediately have access to latest information on the following:

  1. Latest numbers 🔢
  2. Protect yourself 👍
  3. Your questions answered❓
  4. Mythbusters 🛑
  5. Travel advice 🗺
  6. News & Press 📰
  7. Share ⏩
  8. Donate now 🥰

For the 7th on the list, you can easily share any information on the platform to your connections. Option 8 allows anyone who wants to donate to do so.

Some FAQs Provided by WHO WhatsApp Bot for Coronavirus

We also found a list of answered questions on the WHO WhatsApp chatbot platform.

Your questions answered❓

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Reply with the number to get the correct answer:

  1. What are coronaviruses, what is COVID-19 and how is it related to SARS?
  2. What are the symptoms of COVID-19?
  3. How does COVID-19 spread?
  4. Can I catch COVID-19 from feces, animals or pets?
  5. What can I do to protect myself and prevent the spread of disease?
  6. Can I catch COVID-19 from infected surfaces or packages from infected areas?
  7. What should I do if I have visited an area where COVID-19 is spreading?
  8. What are the treatment options for COVID-19 (including drugs, vaccines, therapies)?
  9. Should I wear a mask to protect myself?
  10. Is there anything I should not do?
  11. How do I cope with stress during COVID-19?
  12. How do I help children cope with stress during COVID-19?

All you need to do to get the answer to each query is reply with the serial number in front of the question.

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How to Join

To join and start receiving updates about the COVID-19 from WHO, click here.

Alternatively, you save this dedicated phone number in your contact +41798931892. You may choose to save it with World Health Organization of any name of your choice. Then send a message to that business account. We have tried messages like Join, Hi, Hello, and everything worked. Apparently, you will get an initial response for any message you send. But you have to send a message before anything shows up.

We have tested the WHO WhatsApp bot for coronavirus to be very responsive. I mean, the response to your query pops up immediately after your press the send button. We have found this to be a very useful tool in this time of global health challenge.

So, what are you waiting for? Get all the information you can get from the reliable source. Unlearn the myths, learn the facts, adopt the recommended lifestyle changes, and let’s send the Coronavirus back to where it belongs.

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