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The Dog that Earns $700 Per Day – Roscoe Hamilton

roscoe hamilton
Picture: @roscoelovescoco

Roscoe Hamilton is the name of one of Lewis Hamilton’s famous dogs. Roscoe is a British bulldog, and he has a beautiful companion called Coco. These two dogs have their own instagram page with the hashtag @roscoelovescoco and over 175,000 followers. I was about to be surprised by this large following until recently when I found that Lewis Hamilton’s Instagram following has grown to almost 14 million followers.

lewis hamilton
Lewis and Coco on a friendly walk Picture: @roscoelovescoco

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Meet Coco and Roscoe Hamilton’s Dad – Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton is a British racing driver with a legendary victory in Formula One for Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport. Lewis was born on 7 January 1985 and has won the Formula One World Championship for six times. His first win was in 2007 while his most recent win was in 2019 with 413 points.

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Lewis Hamilton is known for spending quality time with his faithful friends, Roscoe and Coco. He also celebrated his fifth Formula One World Championship with these famous dogs in LA.

How Roscoe Gets Paid

Roscoe Hamilton
Picture: @roscoelovescoco

Out of Lewis’ passion for owning a dog, he got Roscoe in 2013 and Coco had to come in later in the same year. But Roscoe Hamilton may not be treated like any other dog. Lewis got his dogs passports and allows them to travel round the world with him. Now, that’s not what gives Roscoe his $700 pay. Roscoe is part of a modelling agency. He gets to feature alongside other 15 bulldogs and gets his pay. One could think for a sec. Would Roscoe have gotten the opportunity if not owned by his famous dad, Lewis Hamilton? Maybe not!

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As precious as Roscoe is, Lewis has even had his semen preserved. This would enable Lewis have Roscoe’s puppies when the time is right. However, Roscoe has been neutered for a funny reason – He wakes up to spill his sperm everywhere around the house occasionally.

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