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You Can Now Tap-in and Tap-out of Lagos Buses

lagos buses

With the new addition to Lagos buses, the metro city might just be taking the shape we would all love. Recently there has been a release of new buses at Lagos bus terminals and some of these buses come with a smooth payment system. Commuters can now get a FREE LAGOS TRAVEL CARD, load in some money, and use it whenever they want to get on the bus. It’s as simple as that.

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So, basically, once you have money on your card, you just need to walk into the next bus loading, and tap-in to here the welcome sound from the machine. These new Lagos buses makes commuting hassle free. Users don’t necessarily have to hold cash as long as their card is loaded.

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How Can I Get the Travel Card for Lagos Buses?

The card is available to users at different bus terminals and loading points. It’s also FREE, but you will have to load some money on it as a first time user.

What information is required?

All you need is your mobile phone number. Your name will automatically pop-up on the machine help by the representative. It takes only a few seconds to less than 2 minutes to get this done.

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What Does the Lagos Bus Interior Look Like?

If you ask me, I think the Lagos buses are beautiful and elegant. It’s also loaded with some interesting features apart from the tap-in and tap-out terminals. First, I notices there is a camera at the front and a monitor on the dashboard where the driver can monitor the passengers. This bus does not necessarily require a conductor as it was built to allow the passengers and driver interact without voice.

lagos state buses

When it’s time for a passenger to alight, there is a STOP REQUEST button that should be pressed. This will alert the driver that someone wants to alight at the next bus-stop. But what this means is that the passengers must be familiar with the route and stop points. Otherwise, it might be important to speak to someone who knows better.

There are USB charging ports on the sides of the bus for charging of USB devices, especially mobile phones. This is a necessary addition to keep users’ devices powered throughout their journey.

What are People Saying About the New Payment System on Lagos Buses?

So far, people have expressed some delight with the innovation in the transport system. Some have said that this is an interesting way to enjoy the special lane created for the Lagos buses. Traffic issue in Lagos is like no other, but the special lane creates a solution for commuters to get to their destination fast.

What the Lagos Buses Travel Card Looks Like

lagos state travel card

Here’s how the card looks like. You can tap either side on the payment terminal. Upon tapping in, you will hear a welcome sound, and when you tap-out, you will hear goodbye.

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Overall, I think this is a welcome innovation. I also hope that this payment system will be installed on the Lagos buses released earlier this year.

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