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GTBank to Remain Open Amidst Coronavirus Fears

gtbank to remain open

The news about GTBank to remain open in the midst of the COVID-19 storm is good news to customers. While all sectors across the country are gradually shutting down, GTBank promises 24/7 service still. The bank has recently declared its coronavirus readiness to customers through an email.

We have known GTBank to always come up with initiatives that make everyone want to use the bank. They are the master of many innovative ideas in Nigerian banking, and they get our praise for that. But is this move also geared towards a better life for the Nigerian population?

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GTBank to Remain Open to Serve Customers

Here is part of the message sent to customers via the email channel

“We are constantly monitoring the latest news about the Coronavirus COVID-19 Outbreak and taking all the necessary safety measures to make sure you can continue to count on us, even in times like these. This includes making all our branches safe for our customers and staying in close engagement with all our staff to make sure that we are on top of any risk of exposure to the outbreak.”

“As our customer, these measures do not affect your access to our banking services. Our banking halls are open and our people are ready to assist you with all your banking needs. We would also like to remind you that you can use more of our online banking channels, as they give you access to all our banking services anywhere, anytime.”


For now, GTBank to remain open can be taken as a statement of promise to help customers keep calm. Because people are actually beginning to imagine what it would be like for banking halls to be closed.

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What if Coronavirus Strikes Harder?

We believe that the bank is complaint with government directives and any instruction from the government will have to be followed. Recently, an Access Bank branch was shut down because of a confirmed coronavirus case. The bank advised customers who visited the Ligali Ayorinde branch between 16th to 20th of March to self-quarantine for 14 days. We expect a similar action if anything like this is reported in any GTBank branch. However, there might be no need for that because the bank promises to make all their branches safe for customers.

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GTBank Encourages Online Banking Amidst Coronavirus

Even though the “GTBank to remain open” statement holds true, the bank has wittingly stated that it is safer to bank from home. GTBank encourages customers to make use of their mobile banking and online banking options. Let’s not forget that these services are available 24/7.

So, even if you are using banking halls, don’t forget to protect yourself and follow all safety guidelines. To get instant help from the World Health Organization concerning the COVID-19 on your phone, connect with WHO now.

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