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How to Switch to Gmail Dark Mode in 5 Seconds

how to enable dark mode in gmail

Gmail dark mode is one of the thrills out there. Though the WhatsApp really kept users expectant until it brought a similar experience to our devices, gmail dark mode has the same benefits.

Over 80% of android mobile phone users make use of their gmail, whether frequently or once in a while. This number gets higher when we talk about the business class and entrepreneurs. Which explains why the Gmail app might be the second most used apps for busy business people.

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While the majority of email checks happen on business days and during business hours, we also have to keep track of our emails at dark times. In fact, a lot of people don’t get to check the mails until late in the evening when they have managed to get the work pressure off after their evening shower. Nothing makes reading more fun than enabling dark mode for darkness.

So, when you finally sit on the couch and lay on your bed, turn off the lights, and ready to check your emails before bed, a bright screen is definitely not what you want to see. We seem to like the way that technology is becoming more tailored towards our well-being, and that is one reason to stick to the gmail dark mode. And as many darkness as is necessary. It’s mo new that a couple of other apps also offer dark modes now, even the chrome browser.

How to Enable Gmail Dark Mode

It only takes a few seconds to enable dark mode in your Gmail Android app. We shall take it step by step now

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  • Update your Gmail app to the latest version
  • Open your Gmail app on your Android phone
  • Click on the three horizontal lines at the top left corner of your phone
  • Scroll down and select SETTINGS
  • Click General settings
  • Click on THEME
  • Select DARK

Now your are ready to enjoy the dark beauty brought to your mobile phone experience.

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Some Benefits of Switching

  • Saves battery
  • Allows for bed time usage of your phone
  • Smoothly blends with other apps with dark mode. E.g. WhatsApp and Chrome browser
  • Eliminates eyes strain
  • Overall healthy user experience

The dark mode is one of the most widely adopted features after launch. You should try it and see how beautiful it looks. Remember to share what you think in the comment section.

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