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Organic Poultry Farming eBook CONTENT – DiY Agric


Talk about the master guide to Organic Poultry Farming – and you will be referring to this eBook. 

If you want it simple, detailed, and self-explanatory, then you have it! 

The diseases that plague poultry farms can actually be arrested with the RIGHT herbs given in the right dosage. However, any wrong move without knowing the right dosage and the category of birds that can take each herb can be detrimental. That is why it is important to have a guide that explains everything in detail. It’s just like a coach holding you by the hand – I promise!

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Some Highlights of the Organic Poultry eBook

  • Introduction to Organic Poultry (What is Organic Poultry?)
  • Conditions to be Met for Organic Poultry Farming
  • How to Keep Your Chickens’ GIT Healthy Always
  • Natural Dewormers and How to Make Them
  • Natural Growth Promoters/Enhancers/Boosters with the right combination and dosage
  • How to Identify Chicken Diseases
  • Prevention and Treatment of Chicken Diseases
  • Prevention of Viral Diseases like Newcastle, Gumboro and more
  • Successful Poultry Production Without Vaccine
  • Tested and Trusted Daily Organic Medication Chart (What to use per day)
  • How to Know When Things Go Wrong
  • Sample Feed Formula for Broilers
  • And a lot more…

What’s more, is that you get FREE mentoring after the purchase of the eBook. All you need to do is to request to be added to the discussion group. Post your questions and get a response as soon as possible.


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