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How to Make broilers Grow Faster | 2.4 KG in 35 Days


I don’t have to ask you why you are looking for how to make broilers grow faster. We just can’t get enough, isn’t it? There was a time when raising broilers for 3 months (90 days) to table size was like magic. In fact, many people would refuse to eat the meat of such chickens. They’d say it’s not mature, because they are used to tough meat from cockerels and indigenous chickens. We Africans! But right now, even when we only raise most broilers for 5-6 weeks, more people eat broilers than before. That’s evolution! But I know you didn’t start to read this post just because of the story of evolution. You really wanted to know how to get 2.4KG and above in 5 weeks (35 days). Well, that’s exactly what I’m going to serve you. I am glad to tell you that my 4 secrets are locked in this article, and you are about to discover them. Yippee!

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Still on the topic of making your broilers grow faster, I think I am falling in love with the statement “Poultry is a science.” And if you must practice poultry, you need to follow some principles. In this post, I am about to show you the four things that you can do to get the result you are looking for. Just so you know, I have proof for everything I am telling you, as I am first a farmer before a blogger. So, let me start unveiling the secrets right away.

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Selecting The Best Broiler Breed for You

Thankfully, I am one of the few people preaching the breed gospel. And this is because I have found that all broilers are not the same. Your results will be based on the breed that you choose. I have a who article on broiler breed selection so you can come back to read that after this. Make sure you read this to the end first. There’s why!

So, choosing the best broiler breed will help you maximize the breed’s potential to your advantage. And by so doing, you will be able to wear a big smile to the bank at the end of the batch. Because that’s why we are doing this, isn’t it?

Choose the Best Feed to Make Broilers Grow Faster

I know that you shouldn’t just throw all your money out there to buy the most expensive feed. But you also need to answer some questions. Will the extra cost on that feed pay off and make your broilers grow faster? If yes, then why not, you should go for it. For example, if a feed that cost N3000 will give you 10KG weight gain, and another feed that cost N3700 will give you 15KG weight gain, I think you don’t need your pastor to tell you that the first feed is your enemy. I am not trying to promote any brand or push others down but I have found the feed mentioned in my video to do the magic for me. Especially when I combine with the Ross 308 breed of broiler. The video is below for you to watch. But make sure you read this to the end before you watch so you don’t forget to come back.

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Provide the Comfort Zone Experience to Make Broilers Grow Faster

In learning to make broilers grow faster, you must learn to make them super comfortable. A comfort zone could be defined as a condition where the birds don’t have to do anything outside of normal living to feel good. It means that they don’t have to pant, hunger, or thirst for extended periods. You try as much as possible to provide them with clean fresh water all the time. I know this would sound simple until you think of the fact that broiler chicks often get their drinkers soiled with wood shaving. Yes, it means you have to get the dirt out often. You can’t leave them in the morning and just stroll in later in the evening. Now, you can understand the work, but if you can do it, then you will smile to the bank.

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Turn to Natural Growth Promoters

Why natural growth promoters? They are 100% safe for human consumption, and the one I recommend in this post is Egg Emulsion. You can learn how I make it here and you will thank me for making your broilers grow faster. Once you get your egg emulsion, you can administer to your broilers 2-3 times weekly, and just sit back and watch. If they don’t grow faster, then you should report them to me. Trust me, the egg emulsion works like magic.

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