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The concept of Organic Poultry farming is not so hard to understand. But, if this statement is true, why are farmers not practicing organic poultry farming in spite of its benefits? My answer is, you don’t practice what you do not know or understand.

In this article, I will explain what organic poultry farming is and why it can be practiced effectively.

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Just so I am clear, Organic poultry farming is the rearing of chickens for meat or eggs under a sustainable culture without the use of antibiotics, hormones or other synthetic drugs. There are other factors that also set the organic chicken apart from any other chicken. But before we dive into more details, I would like to say that the benefits of organic poultry farming are enormous and worth exploring. So, I promise you that it’s going to get even more interesting as you continue to read.



If you ask me, I would say that this is the most important factor that sets the organic chicken apart. Also, it is the area where farmers fail to adhere to. Before the practice of poultry farming can be termed organic, the farmer must abstain from the use of antibiotics, drugs, and hormones. As a matter of fact, a chicken stops being organic the moment it is given a synthetic drug. One might ask, “why the fuss about the use of antibiotics on chickens?” This is because most of the antibiotics administered to chickens are similar to the ones that are used by humans.

In case you are yet to get the message, I will explain further. These antibiotics often leave residues in chickens, and when the chickens are consumed by humans, the residues are ingested as well. Consequently, it encourages bacteria in the body to develop resistance to those antibiotics, such that when they are administered to humans in treatment doses, there are bacteria strains that can easily resist the treatment. That’s exactly why organic chickens cannot be given antibiotics – for your safety.

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This is next to the use of antibiotics. While you have to deprive your organic chickens from antibiotics for prevention and treatment of diseases, you need to allow them access to pasture. You may not know this, but some pasture plants and herbs have natural antibiotic properties to help ward off diseases from your chickens. At this point, I would like to state that pasture-raised chickens are not necessarily organic chickens. If they have a dose of antibiotics at any stage in their life, they cease to be organic chickens. To embrace this culture of pasture, organic poultry farming is not complete if the birds are confined in cages without access to pasture.


Chickens raised under organic poultry farming are fed exclusively with organic feed, including whole grains and supplements. The growing of the grains used in organic poultry farming cannot be done with genetic modification.

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In my opinion, farmers should find it easy to obey conditions #2 and #3. However, condition #1 seems to be a no go area if the farmer is not equipped with the knowledge of controlling diseases in the organic way.

As a seasoned Animal Scientist with the knowledge of organic poultry farming, I have prepared a complete guide on organic poultry farming. This guide will not only show you organic chicken farming in a more detailed form but includes everything you need to succeed as an organic poultry farmer.

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You will find invaluable tips on the common herbs and spices that form a defense system for chickens and some safe organic growth hormones that you will get in plants for maximum growth of your chickens.

As if that isn’t enough, the guide will show you, in a step-by-step approach, how you can prepare multivitamins and immune boosters with the common plants that you already know, or will soon find out.

Everything is step-by-step and easy to follow.


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Did you know that hens don’t need males (roosters) for them to lay eggs?

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