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DStv Boost Wave Promo is Back: By Popular Demand!

dstv boost wave promo

It’s good news to all DStv subscribers as the MultiChoice company has recently released a mouthwatering promo called the DStv Step Up & Boost promo, or the Boost Wave. Interestingly, this offer is available for all subscribers on either DStv Access, DStv Family, and DStv Compact packages.

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UPDATE: The Promo that ended in April is back again but won’t be on for too long. ENJOY IT WHILE IT LASTS!

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How DSTV Boost Wave Works

First, you need to have been a DStv customer before 13th of January 2019 to take part in this irresistible offer. If you meet this criterion, then you are in for something exciting.

SIDE NOTE: Even if you have not been using your decoder for a long time, you can still benefit from this promo if you choose to upgrade your package

What MultiChoice is doing with this DStv Boost Wave promo is to reward your effort when you try to upgrade to a higher package. For example, if you are a DStv Access subscriber and you wish to step up to DStv Family, the DSTV Boost promo takes you even a step further and rewards you with the DStv Compact plan for the next one month. This boost takes effect after 48 hours of upgrading to a higher package.

Breakdown of the DSTV Boost Wave Promo

Current PackageUpgrade toPayGet a Boost toNew Package Worth
DStv AccessDStv Family#4,000DStv Compact#6,800
DStv FamilyDStv Compact#6,800DStv Compact Plus#10,650
DStv CompactDStv Compact Plus#10,650DStv Premium#15,800
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The DStv Step Up and Boost is definitely a game changer for everyone who has been looking to get more channels on their bouquet and wouldn’t mind a boost. Imagine enjoying all the DStv Premium channels without having to pay a whooping sum of N 15,800. Even if you are not aiming that high, it is quite obvious that one would love the idea to step up to DStv Compact

How Much Will You Save with DStv Boost Wave Promo?

I have done the analysis of the DStv Boost Wave Promo offer and found out the amount of savings you will get for your target boost. As a DStv Compact subscriber who is targeting the DStv Premium package, you will be saving up to N5,150. DStv Family subscribers who want to be boosted to Compact plus will also save N3,850. Meanwhile, DStv Access subscribers are not left out, as they also get to save N2,800 after their boost to DStv Compact. It’s obvious that the higher you go, the more your savings on your package for the next 30 days.

Validity of DStv Boost Wave Promo

The DStv Boost Wave Promo started again in September and should be on for the next few months. Please be reminded that the boost is only valid for one month, starting from 48 hour post upgrade.

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To wrap it up, I think that DStv has done a good job for offering this value for their subscribers’ loyalty and patronage. And if you ask me, 30 days of extra juice with interesting channels is a lot to compensate us for the intended upgrade. So, if you have been pushing the upgrade before now, there can be no better time than NOW!

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