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The Best Way to Deworm Chickens Naturally – Papaya Seeds

how to deworm chickens naturally

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The need to deworm chickens comes with the desire to get the maximum production from your birds. And deworming your chickens naturally means you will be cutting on your expenses, which is what every farmer wants. As an organic poultry farming enthusiast myself, I am aware of various natural dewormers for chickens but I want to share the best. I will be showing you how to deworm chickens naturally using papaya (pawpaw) seeds powder.

Why Use Papaya Seeds for Chickens

You might want to ask why I choose papaya seeds for chickens and not other things that can be used to deworm chickens. Let me explain why:

Since the focus is to get a natural agent that can eradicate worms from chickens, First I find pawpaw seeds to stand out in efficacy. Research shows its ability to remove all roundworms and tapeworms that are capable of hindering your birds from growing well. With papaya seeds, you can get rid of all worms within 2-3 days of use.

Another reason for choosing pawpaw seeds is the fact that it is an agricultural waste. This means that it will cost you almost nothing to get. In my own case, I just have to approach the people slicing and selling pawpaw, and they always gave me with gladness. It’s a waste product to them, but something of high value to me.

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How to Know When to Use Papaya Seeds Powder

papaya seeds powder

There are some signs and indications that your chickens might be infested with worms. One prominent sign is slow growth and loss of appetite. It’s almost like the worms are taking the food as your bird eats. Your chicken poop color and form can also serve as a pointer that they have worms and should be dewormed.

Also, since there is no adverse effect of using papaya seeds for chickens, you can deworm on a routine. Maybe once in a month.

How to Use Papaya Seeds to Deworm

You can now choose to give your chickens a healthy life by maximizing the use of every pawpaw tree close to you. If you are extracting your papaya seeds, you need to follow these steps to deworm your chickens naturally

  • Slice a pawpaw into two halves
  • Scoop out the seeds and wash to exclude the yellows
  • Sun-dry the seeds until they are very dry
  • Grind into powder
  • It’s as simple as that

Now to cure worms, you need to give 3 grams of the powder per kg live-weight of chicken. That is, if you have a chicken that is 3KG in weight, you need to administer 9 grams of the powder. You can do the Maths for as many chickens you have.

You should add the papaya seeds powder (PSP) to their feed for 2-3 days to deworm them naturally

Other benefits of This Deworming Method

  • The papaya seeds powder (PSP) can be stored easily
  • There is a definite dosage (3 grams per KG live weight of bird)
  • It is cheap; you don’t even have to buy anything
  • It doubles as a cure for coccidioides
  • You can also decide to add to water instead of feed.
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Intestinal worms stand to compete with your chickens for the nutrients in their body, hence they should be eliminated as quickly as possible. This is to ensure that your chickens reach market weight as at when due. The use of papaya seeds powder has been found to be highly effective in eliminating worms, and you can try it today.

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