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Gas Brooder vs Charcoal – You Were Wrong!

Gas brooder or charcoal

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Gas brooders have been thought to be a more expensive source of poultry heat for brooding, but we were wrong. If you are going into poultry farming and you want to brood your chicks yourself, then a gas brooder might be your best companion. While there are various types of brooders you can use in your brooder house, there are many reasons why the infra-red gas brooder wins the competition. Unless you have 24/7 electricity in your area, a gas brooder will not disappoint you.

The Myth About Gas Brooders

gas brooder

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For a long time, it took a lot of homes a lot of years to move from using Kerosene to gas. Why? They thought gas was for the rich. They always believed it would be more expensive to manage. However, we all know now that a gas cooker will save you more in the long run. The same is applicable to the infra-red gas brooder. Many would say that it is too expensive to manage without ever considering to ask those who have been using it about the running cost. I took it upon myself to do this for you so that I will not only share my personal experience but also some users’ opinion.

Here is what I Got

My Question on 3 different Farmers’ Forums:

Question: Charcoal or Gas brooder, which is cheaper and better?

how to brood

Interestingly, I got a handful of responses to this seemingly simple question, however, I discovered that the majority of those who chose Charcoal over the gas brooder have never used the infra-red gas brooder themselves. They only spoke based on perception.

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So I modified the question to this:

how to brood

At this point, the number of people who embraced infra-red gas brooders started to skyrocket.

gas brooder vs charcoal

In practice, those who have explored the two types of brooders can tell that an infra-red gas brooder is more effective and efficient.

In case you are still in doubt, let’s take a look at some of the advantages of Gas brooders over the use of charcoal pot.

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Advantages of Gas Brooders Over the Use of Charcoal Pot

  • Economical in comparison with conventional brooding system of charcoal: I know that this might shock you but it is the simple truth about gas brooders. Apart from the initial cost of buying this brooding equipment, the running cost is very affordable.
  • Installation is easy and operation can be done by any average operator: different from what you might think, the installation is of a gas brooder is not complex. It is pretty simple.
  • Easy Maintenance: It is also easy to maintain. The parts are usually made from stainless steel, making it environmentally friendly and easy to maintain.
  • All-time uniform temperature: This is the best part. The most crucial aspect of brooding is the provision of the required heat to your birds. Once regulated, a gas brooder will continue to deliver the required heat without the need to continue to refuel as in the case of charcoal. Gas brooders give you rest of mind.
  • Affordable price to anyone interested: With only #45,000 or less you can get a gas brooder that will serve you for years. This can serve between 1,000 to 2,000 birds depending on manufacturer’s specification.
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As the popular saying goes; the taste of the pudding is in the eating. When you try a gas brooder, you will wish you had tried it earlier. Gas brooders can significantly increase your brooding efficiency, and that is why you might want to consider getting one today. If you want to try it, your best option is the Gas Brooder with infrared function. You can buy one here with warranty.

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