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Investments You Must Make as a Beginner Poultry Farmer

poultry farming for beginners

Few weeks ago, a friend asked me if I was into Information Technology, and I felt like “why?” So he said “because of your kind of laptop and phone.” At that point I understood exactly what he meant, but here’s the answer I gave him. “Having the necessary gear for your work will help you to have a smooth working experience online and offline, hence my choice of devices” That’s that about that. How about you as a farmer – what do you need to make your work easy? Find out the equipment needed for poultry farming for beginners

Your Must-Have Tools as a Poultry Farmer

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  • An Electronic/Digital Scale
  • Knapsack Sprayer

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An Electronic / Digital Scale

If you are going into farming for real, then you want to add a digital scale to your tools. Interestingly, it’s a lot cheaper nowadays. I got mine from Amazon several years ago and it’s still working. You can also get one right here in Nigeria for less than #6,000.

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You will need your digital scale to measure your powder drugs or organic ingredients for those doing organic farming. Sometimes, the only reason why your chickens are not getting better is because you are giving them a lower dosage than required. On the other hand, some people kill their chickens because of overdose. There is only one way to get things right when measuring ingredients in grams or milligrams. And that is using a digital scale. Your digital scale can also be used to measure and grade your eggs. This is mostly true for starters who are not used to the grading of eggs by size.

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Knapsack Sprayer

This is another multipurpose tool that every poultry farmer will enjoy. Whether you are fumigating or killing weed around your farm or home, you will find this tool a worthy investment. Keep in mind that chemicals should be thoroughly rinsed out after use. This will keep your knapsack sprayer around for some years.

Kindly share any must-have equipment for farmers in the comment section. Let us know what is helping you on your poultry farm.

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