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5 Best Ad Blockers for Android Phones


Every time I experienced a pop up while browsing through my phone, I always thought about installing the best ad blockers for Android. But till this date, I have tried many ad blockers and each had some perks and cons. Some were paid and some were full of ads. Can you believe that Ad blockers for android come with sponsored ads? It was truly heartbreaking and so I decided to write an overview of best ad blockers for android phones. I have gone through the details and here are my views about each ad blocker that I have found worthy for this list.

1.    Adblock Plus

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adblock plus

This free ad block app for Android was removed by the play store as more and more users were using this app. This app is still available by the developers on their official website and it works fine with all kind of ads. When we consider top ad blockers for android, there are a lot of things that we have to consider like price, privacy and the interference with other apps. This app is available for free and does not leak any of your private data.

2.    Free Adblocker Browser

Google chrome may seem like a cooler option but it uses a lot of your system’s Ram and also shows a lot of ads. So, would not it be a better option to go for the browser that can block ads? Yes, this ad blocker for Android provides you the seamless browsing experience. This browser comes with all the functionalities like any normal typical browser. But the ability to remove ads from web pages makes it unique and hotter pick of Android users. It must stay on the list of best ad blockers for android phones.

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3.    Brave Ad blocker for Android

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If you don’t want to switch to any other browser as you like the user interface of chrome, we have a better solution for your needs. Install brave as it provides the same UI as chrome but it offers one extra feature. That extra feature is the removal of ads and that makes it one of the best options for ad blockers for android phones. This ad blocker is built and designed on the same platform as chrome so you will see no visual difference while using this ad blocker.

4.    AdGurd

If you want smooth experience not only in browsing but gaming too, this is one of the best ad blockers for android. It comes with an extra feature that can block ads while playing games on your android phone. It will not only make your usage smoother but can also save the amount of your internet data.

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5.    TrustGo Ad Detector

If you want to protect your personal information from all of your apps, then you must install this ad blocker for Android. This app controls the privacy of your device by introducing special features like protection against security breaches and data leakage through nasty apps. 

Google play store does not allow many ad blockers to provide their services on the Google Play Store. So, if you don’t find any of these ad blockers for Android on Play store, you can directly download the app from sites.

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