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4 Smart Stuff To Do With Your Phone in 2019


2018 is wrapping up, and we’re all expectant to see the new year 2019. No matter how great this year has been for you and I, we still wish we had made some better choices, and before you forget this again in 2019 until the year ends, I’d like to load you with some tips for a more successful 2019. But you can’t use these tips without your phone. In other words, let’s see how we can use our phones to make smart decisions and live better in 2019.

Budgeting Apps to Consider in 2019

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You might have come across one of these as an Android or iPhone user. Isn’t it time for you to start using one for real? And before you get this wrong, a budget app will not only help you spend wisely. After all, life experiences teach us to do that. It is meant to do everything from wise spending to record keeping, and in some cases, goal setting. Here’s a list of some of the best budgeting apps to use in 2019. These apps can help you to keep your spending in check and make better spending decisions in 2019. Monefy, Mint, Money Manager, My Budget Book, Wallet, and Your Banking App

Goals Apps to Consider in 2019

Goal Setting Apps can help you achieve your short-term, mid-term, and long-term goals by serving as your Personal Assistant. So, we can all have that unpaid assistant on our phones. These apps can do much more than setting goals that you want to achieve in 2019. They can also motivate you to achieve your set goals at the set time. A great app for this is NoLimit-App available on Play Store and App Store for Android and iOS users. Break out from the tradition of creating a set of resolutions after each year without following them in the new year. Even those who start lose focus after a month or two. NoLimit helps you to reach your goals throughout the entire year, and makes you a better you.

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things to do with your phone in 2019

With NoLimit goal-setting app, you can set short-term, mid-term, and long-term goals for 6 different life areas including Career, Finance, Friends, Family, Health, and Personal Development. For each of these aspects of life, NoLimit allows you to set daily goals, weekly goals, monthly goals, and yearly goals. You can also set tasks and milestones to be reached. Although NoLimit is free for 30 days, you will have to purchase the premium version after that. You can also go straight ahead and subscribe for the premium version to enjoy special options like Today’s Tasks, Stress Tester, and Time Control.

There are other Goal and Habit Apps like Strides, Habitica, HabitHub, Fabulous, Productive, and Loop. Try them out and thank me later.

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Go with Taxify or Uber

Oh yeah! These ride-sharing platforms have been around for a while now, and those who have tried them can share their good experiences. Whether you have a car or not, these platforms are a worthy alternative. Since they currently have coverage in only a few states in Nigeria, the traffic stress in the few states they operate, especially Lagos, is enough to make you consider leaving your car at home. Come to think of it; you can still enjoy the pleasure of taking a car out while the driver (owner) is left to worry about his car and whatever you encounter on the road. Taxify and Uber can be great ways for easing off the stress of the day. And on the price side, it’s cheaper than most people think. I mean, you can get a ride for as low as #200 – #300.

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It’s also easy to set up an account on both Taxify and Uber. Just download the app from Play Store or App Store and complete setup within minutes. I got my first ride within 15 mins of downloading the Taxify app. And just so you know how it went, it was awesome.Another thing to note is that payment can be made in Cash or through the Debit Card attached to your account. That is, you can still get a ride home even if you don’t have cash on you and the ATM seems not to be a friendly alternative.

Wiser/Planned Shopping

Did you know that a lot of people wished they had prepared better for Black Friday 2018? Some made major purchases before November and regretted their actions when the deal season kicked in. You can plan your purchases towards such deals to benefit from mouthwatering discounts.

Also, it is better to purchase some items during a certain period of the year. For example, the prices of Air Conditioners and Refrigerators will always fall during the rainy season. Pay less for seasonal products!

Signing up for newsletters from major shopping sites like Konga and Jumia will also help you get notifications of interesting deals. These sites usually have special deals during their Anniversary and special holidays. If you don’t mind across border shopping, Amazon is a wonderful place to shop. On Amazon, the deals don’t stop rolling in.

Standing between you and your desired future are the decisions you make on a daily basis. Wiser and better decisions will make you proud at the end of the year. So, buckle your shoes, and hit the road of 2019 with a determination to finish strong. Don’t forget to go with your phone!

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