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Dancebot Bluetooth Speaker Dances For Real

Dancebot Bluetooth Speaker
Image Captured by @Jayjenxi.

Dancebot Bluetooth speaker by might just be the way to get kids to do stuff in a fun way. Wonder if the Dancebot Bluetooth speaker dances for real, oh yeah it does, and you can see the video for yourself.

I’m sure I don’t have to say it, that this is first of its kind. I think I said it already. I have seen great Bluetooth speakers; the waterproof once, those with the deepest bass, the 12 hours battery portable Bluetooth speakers and many more. But Dancebot is a new game entirely. I mean I have used Bluetooth speakers like Beats Pill, JBL GO 2, and I’m still saving for the Bose Soundlink Revolve+, but bringing dance to the music is one thing that most manufacturers have never captured. And before you say “why the dance?” you might want to talk to a kid.

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Dancebot Bluetooth Speaker is Great for kids

Dancebot bluetooth speaker

Technically speaking, I might not choose this speaker if it’s not the first of its kind. Yeah, like the “where did you get this?” stuff. So, for those who may not have a reason to love this, I believe it’s great for kids. I doubt if they can resist the feeling of having a speaker that dances to the beat. And Dancebot is groovy at that. You need to see it dance. Apart from buying this Bluetooth speaker for kids to play with, think of it as a learning tool. Kids can listen to Audiobook fairy tales or some Nursery Rhymes with this device. Don’t be surprised; it might be your child’s next best friend.

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Also Great for Special Days

Dancebot Bluetooth Speaker

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Is it your anniversary, and you want to throw in something new? Then let this robot do the dance and spice up your day. According to, you can even add a custom message like “Happy Birthday” or “Happy Anniversary” when you pre-order one. This message goes for a extra buck between $12-$20 depending on how fast you act.

Works Great Like Most Bluetooth Speakers

Before you think that this piece can only dance, it’s pretty functional too. It will do what most Bluetooth speakers do. At the top are two arrow buttons and the pause/play button at the center. The power button is positioned in front of Dancebot. Maybe his bellybutton. I think this guy charges from his butt. No wonder he has to dance off the fire in his butt. But Dancebot’s steps are really cool. It’s even worth learning from, I think.

Will Dancebot Fall Off the Dance Table?

Dancebot bluetooth speaker

The video review by Producthunt shows that you will need to give this dance robot some space, maybe 1.5 feet on all sides. You can figure that out or better still, provide ample space if you don’t want to keep your eyes on the dance. Let me remind you that preventing its fall would help keep the robot dancing around for a long time.

Will the Dance Reduce Battery Life?

That’s pretty obvious. One would expect such groovy moves to take some juice from the battery. If you need to enjoy the speaker and the dance after a round of use, remember where the charging port is located.

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Essentially, any kid would love to have one of these, and if you are still looking around for the perfect birthday/Christmas gift for that adorable daughter of yours, Dancebot Bluetooth Speakers would be a great choice to make.

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